Baxter-Harris Roof
   Baxter-Harris Roof
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   Dixie Industrial storm damage
   Dixie Industrial roof on the ground
Friday, May 9, 2008 
An early Friday morning tornado packing winds up to 120 mph ripped a 6 1/4-mile path through Gaston County, leaving downed trees and damaged buildings from an office complex on Union Road to a business park in Belmont.The tornado hit at 2:10 a.m., a factor that probably attributed to no reported injuries or deaths, said Vince DiCarlo, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.The strongest winds - reaching 120 mph - came as the storm hit the Catawba Heights area in Belmont, DiCarlo said. Several buildings at The Oaks business park off Woodlawn Avenue in Belmont suffered damaged, including significant roof damage to the Baxter-Hariss Co. building Station 32 was first alerted to a fire alarm assist with City of Belmont Fire Dept.(Sta. 43) at the Baxter-Harris warehouse on The Oaks Parkway in Station 32 old district. Engine 323 while enroute to the alarm off came upon some of the first storm damage noticed in North Belmont. A 100 foot 18 inch in diameter Oak tree with power lines in was across the road way. Engine 323, Engine 320 and Squad 328 responed to 8 calls for service in our local and neighboring districts for the next 2 hours. The storm came in to the county with little notice,by the time a warning was sounded the storm had been over for 10 minutes.